Weight No More

Weight No More is a dedicated service which offers psychological solutions to help individuals lose weight, reach their goals and maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Have you spent years searching for the diet that will finally provide you with the magic formula? Achieving and maintaining your weight loss goal, without you having to fully engage with what is going on?

Have you also experienced the overwhelming sense of disappointment that occurs when the enormity of living a life you believe is based upon depriving yourself kicks in?

Do also recognise how that feeling often leads to self-criticism, unhelpful thoughts and feelings about what you eat and then you actually eat more?!

If this sounds like you then we are here to help! We will share with you the findings of years of Psychological Research, which when applied to maintaining weight loss, says  it’s not WHICH diet you do, it’s HOW you diet that leads to either success or failure.

 Our workshops:


Join our workshop to enable you to take control of your future, by taking control of your mind and focusing you upon your goal of maintaining weight loss.

We will share our knowledge with you, developed over years of psychological practice where we have consistently worked with people who have difficulty in living a life that they find fulfilling and meaningful.

We will share with you our 10 Building Blocks for Success, that will enable you to leave us with a new found belief in your ability to achieve your weight loss goal, that is supported by practical take home tools to support you.

Facilitated by Dr Donna Rooney and Dr Tracey Swaffer


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Working with us, you can finally give up trying and start succeeding!